Easy to use, install, maintain. The only thing that it won't be easy on is intruders. This is an excellent unit for home and small office use, providing great value whilst maintaining the highest level of security for your premises. 

General Specification

Machine weight without cylinders: Approximately 10 kg
Machine weight in packaging: Approximately 11 kg
Power supply 220 V
Maximum amount of fog in a shot 200 m3
Volume of the fog based on the cylinder choice
Machine dimensions 395 X 200 X 272
Emission rate of the fog up to 20 m3 / sec
Max seconds in a single shot 18
Average consumption: 40W
Fog certified as not dangerous:
Battery backup included
White or gray
Certification complies with European standards
Autonomy in the absence of current more than 1 hour
Setting blowing time according to the cylinder choice
12 V alarm
First heating 40 minutes
Mountable vertical wall
Cylinders 50 m3 - 100 m3 - 200 m3
Serial port
Cylinders are not included in the package

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UR Fog EASY produces very dense and long-lasting fog, while leaving no residue once dispersed. It's single-use fog cylinders are very easy to change, producing 200m3 of fog in just 18 seconds. The great advantage of the EASY fogging systems is the possibility to connect them to any alarm system. They also operate with very low power consumption. Fog fluid is certified and is not dangerous for people or animals. EASY comes at a very competitive price.