Sound Barrier and Integrated Alarm designed for Shipping Containers

Through the combination of the Inferno Outdoor and Caligo's Alarm Notification system, we are able to provide unrivalled protection for your off-premise assets.

Burglars call it a nightmare, our customers call it peace of mind, we call it...


Inferno Sentinel

The Inferno Sentinel is a plug-and-play, standalone: detection, deterrent and alert system that is designed for the protection of remote locations.

High assurance, low false positive detection:

  • Shock and vibration sensors
  • Magnetic door sensor
  • Passive Infrared sensor

The Inferno world-class sound barrier deterrent:

  • Unbearable wall of sound
  • 30 day standalone protection
  • Solar panel charger options for extended maintenance cycles

The Caligo Alarm Notification and Health Monitoring system:

  • 24/7 365 protection with instant push notification and email 
  • Sensor and battery health monitors
  • Supports: Apple, Windows and Android OS'