System Performance

To ensure minimal losses are incurred in the event of a burglary/robbery attempt, a room fill (whole room for burglary – asset area for robbery) time of a maximum of 10 seconds* is recommended with a fog density (eye to object visibility distance) level capable of reducing visibility to NO GREATER than 50cm (20 inches).

The 10 seconds is the total time taken from when a raider/intruder is detected and an activation signal is sent to the Fog system (via detector or PA button) to when the desired room-fill result is achieved. In robbery situations as close to instant fog ejection as possible is essential to maximise deterrent effect and minimise operator anxiety. NOTE: Some fogging systems are susceptible to a few seconds delay before fog starts ejecting Ensure the system being installed can meet these performance recommendations

System Fault Reporting

It is essential that the fogging system reports ALL malfunctions which may cause the system to fail to operate, particularly the following

  • Fog fluid level low
  • Power problem/failure (mains or battery)
  • System has been isolated (i.e. by service/alarm engineer to avoid accidental fog activation)
  • Anti Tamper Nozzle - URFog has a patented technology that produces an audible and output relay in case of nozzle blockage. 

Whether the fog system is connected to a monitored Intruder Alarm System or stand alone, it is essential that such malfunctions are reported in a manner that is immediately evident to the owner/staff/occupants of the site. An audible warning method is highly recommended.

System Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance must be conducted as per the manufacturers’ requirements and records maintained accordingly and be made available for inspection if required.