The Fear of Fog

Did you know that 90% of the public say that sight is the sense they most fear losing? While this statistic reflects the permanent loss of sight, it does give you an insight into what may trigger a ‘flight’ response due to an ingrained fear.

Put yourself in the shoes of a wannabe burglar for a moment. You’re on edge, your palms are sweating, you’ve just smashed the glass of your victim’s patio door – and there’s the alarm you were expecting to hear. As you enter the premises your adrenaline is spiking, suddenly you hear the unfamiliar noise of a fog system deploying, the room is filling up quickly with a visually impenetrable layer of fog. “Oh fog” you think to yourself, I'm getting out of here fast.

Take these bunch for example


It isn't a stretch to suggest that the sudden loss of the ability to make out one’s surroundings, due to them being enveloped by fog, would trigger a fear response. Unlike a blaring alarm or the potential for a speedy police response, a fog cannon system provides a physical layer of protection as well as an attack on the psyche of an intruder.

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