Protecting your peace of mind

Asset protection is a growing concern in people's every day lives, with home owners prized possessions being stolen on a daily basis all over the UK, as well as findings in a recent a study of 500 SMEs by charity Victim Support and security firm ADT that found 51 per cent have been victims of crime, costing £25 million in total, which equates to £2,625 for every crime.

With security firms offering the answer in the shape of alarm systems that simply cannot protect the physical, and often rely upon a police response which can take up to 15 minutes, we believe that the fogging system should be a core part of any defence against a burglar. 

The Fog Off (UR Fog) way is to completely protect your assets in a thick layer of rapidly deployed dense fog, often stopping a burglar at the point of entry, not only protecting your assets - but also your peace of mind.