Cuts in the Police Force

The news of drastic police cuts has been circulating recently around mainstream tabloids, with an estimated 22,000 police jobs being lost and the lowest number of officers since the 1970s. With crime on the rise, with the slack left by the public sector in crime prevention, the onus will be on security solutions in the private sector.

We don't believe that any one should fear that their home or property will at some point become the point of a crime statistic. An assessment by the Police Effectiveness, Efficiency and Legitimacy watchdog showed that:

"In the 18 under-performing forces, investigations for some crimes including assaults and burglaries were sub-standard.

For example, they [police force] failed to properly gather evidence from CCTV footage or fingerprints, identify suspects and support victims"(Telegraph, 2015).

It is now a better time than ever to put the fear of fog into wannabe criminals. Contact us today.