The Fear of Fog

Did you know that 90% of the public say that sight is the sense they most fear losing? While this statistic reflects the permanent loss of sight, it does give you an insight into what may trigger a ‘flight’ response due to an ingrained fear.

Put yourself in the shoes of a wannabe burglar for a moment. You’re on edge, your palms are sweating, you’ve just smashed the glass of your victim’s patio door – and there’s the alarm you were expecting to hear. As you enter the premises your adrenaline is spiking, suddenly you hear the unfamiliar noise of a fog system deploying, the room is filling up quickly with a visually impenetrable layer of fog. “Oh fog” you think to yourself, I'm getting out of here fast.

Take these bunch for example


It isn't a stretch to suggest that the sudden loss of the ability to make out one’s surroundings, due to them being enveloped by fog, would trigger a fear response. Unlike a blaring alarm or the potential for a speedy police response, a fog cannon system provides a physical layer of protection as well as an attack on the psyche of an intruder.

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The difference between fog and smoke

So what's the difference between a fog and smoke machine? Well, a smoke machine is generally what you'd see on a night out in a club, or at your uncles Halloween party - the smoke machine works by passing a liquid (typically water and glycerin or propylene glycol) through a heat exchanger - this is then fed out of a nozzle! Voila - you now can't see your feet in the nightclub and you have an eery 'low hang' smoke cemetery vibe to your house. But wait, all my valuables are up on shelves - I'm not bothered about securing my shoes!

This is where fog machines are different, artificial fog is actually exactly the same as naturally occurring fog (just denser if you are using a Fog Off system). The 'fog liquid' is the same as the smoke liquid with a small difference in water content - the difference is in the way the system heats it. The liquid is passed through a super heated chamber at a high pressure and temperature and shot out through the nozzle into the air - this creates a lighter partical weight than the heavy smoke partical, meaning you get a thick long-hanging fog that doesn't settle on the ground like smoke does. This protects not only your shoes; but everything from your floor to your ceiling making it perfect for securing your belongings and assets.

A small side note that although a fog machine may set off a smoke alarm, this is only due to the way smoke alarms detect chemical changes or optical changes - there's a 50/50 chance with a chemical sensor depending on how much fog is concentrated near it. Optical sensors will absolutely be set off purely due to the nature of the system.

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Protecting your peace of mind

Asset protection is a growing concern in people's every day lives, with home owners prized possessions being stolen on a daily basis all over the UK, as well as findings in a recent a study of 500 SMEs by charity Victim Support and security firm ADT that found 51 per cent have been victims of crime, costing £25 million in total, which equates to £2,625 for every crime.

With security firms offering the answer in the shape of alarm systems that simply cannot protect the physical, and often rely upon a police response which can take up to 15 minutes, we believe that the fogging system should be a core part of any defence against a burglar. 

The Fog Off (UR Fog) way is to completely protect your assets in a thick layer of rapidly deployed dense fog, often stopping a burglar at the point of entry, not only protecting your assets - but also your peace of mind.