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Why Fog Off?

In August 2014 our property was burgled, we had done everything right (or so we thought) installing a state of art alarm system reporting to a central station when an alarm is activated, high quality locks, double glazing, locked gates and neighbourhood watch smart water signs. 


However this did not prevent these determined thieves.  From the photographs you will see that the patio door glass was smashed with a hammer and the bedrooms were ransacked.  Our loss was substantial and the insurance company were very un-supportive and applied averaging to our claim.  As with any burglary the money did not matter so much as the loss of our personal items, which were sentimental and cannot be replaced. The fact that our property was violated by uninvited guests was awful, something which we would not wish other people to go through. Although the police attended about one hour later they could not do a great deal and our items have never been recovered.



So this made me think there has to be a better way of securing property, and preventing this from happening to us or others again. Fog Off in my mind is the answer, when the fog is deployed it created a thick blanket of fog so dense you can hardly see your hand in front of your face. “If you cannot see it you cannot steal it”.

If we would have had the Fog Off system installed at the time of our theft, the outcome would have been very different, our loss would have been a broken patio window, our house contents would still be safe and our peace of mind would be intact.


Our aim is to provide a safe and reliable method of securing property, this may be your home, office, factory or retail premises.